Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Wild Alaska!
Over Memorial Day Weekend, 10 of us went camping in the great outdoors. Literally, the great outdoors.

We went to Holgate Arm housing Holgate Glacier and Holgate Cabin. From Seward, which is a 2 hour drive south from Anchorage, we took a 3 hour charter to Holgate. There were 15 foot swells and half the party was extremely sea sick.
Holgate is a primary kayaking destination.

During the 3-day visit we saw in order... Sea Lions, Sea Otter, Puffins, Dall Porpoise, Black Bear, Bald Eagles, more Black Bear, more Sea Lions, and last but not least Orcas!

Pictures are of the Holgate Glacier view from the cabin, and the cabin.

Map of Anchorage, Seward, and pin point of Holgate.


  1. That is awesome possome! We did the north rim of the canyon this weekend. It was awesome as well. It is the only place that reminds me of Alaska. glad you had a great time.

  2. right on!! I'll share with Adam.. He has taken up kayaking and found his calling!!