Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adam and Kris 4-Ever

This was my hardest year on American Idol. I love love love Adam and Kris for very different reasons. Secretly, I had hoped Adam would win, but wasn't disappointed by the verdict. Kris is a heart throb, but so is Adam.

See? I am so torn between them! The whole season, I wanted them to start making out.

I'll definitely be supporting these boys in the future!

A + K = 4Evr!


  1. Adam was ok. He was/is good at what he does I suppose, but I wasn't really into his version of screaming ;)
    I'm glad Kris one. The best part of American Idol being over though is so that So You Think You Can Dance is starting !

  2. If you don't like screaming, I'm surprised you like that show! Who's the judge who screams all the time? She drives me loco.

    As for Adam, I really just wanted a glam rocker to win it! Cuz we all love glam!
    AND... he sang 'Mad World'! I love that!

    Speaking of tv shows that I love!!!!
    How did you like 'The Dragon Slayer' on Survivor this year? He was awesome!

  3. I LOVE ADAM.. the AI guy ;)
    I am glad Kris won. I don't think it will affect adam's career at all.

    mmmmm... he's so hot!!!!

  4. what... i post on your blog and you sont on rob, you too!

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