Friday, August 21, 2009

New Favorite Toy

This photo is off of Fire Groove . One of my many talented fire performing friends, Alex, uses the Rope Dart with Fire on the end (instead of an actual dart). It is traditionally a Chinese Kung-fu weapon. The following is Wiki's definition:

The rope dart is a long rope (usually 10' - 16') with a metal dart attached to one end. This was a weapon from ancient times, which allows the user to throw the dart out at a long range target and use the rope to pull it back. The rope dart can be used for twining, binding, circling, hitting, piercing, tightening, and other techniques.
Rope dart play consists of twining, shooting, and retrieval. Twining and shooting can be done from any joint such as foot, knee, elbow, and neck. The rope is anchored on the left hand and played primarily with the right hand.
Skillful use of the rope dart can easily trick an opponent because the dart can shoot out very suddenly.

Awesome! Anyway, when I saw Alex and his fire rope dart, I knew this was the toy for me. He let me borrow his practice toy until I get good enough to use a Kevlar dart. It so much fun, to learn something so new and different than any other fire toy I've seen! Maybe I'll have pictures soon!

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