Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finger Waves and Pin Curls

This coming October my girlfriend, Pamela, owner of LaBodega Wine and Spirits Shoppe, and I are hosting an Anti-Prohibition Party. This ain't no political thang. It's a party in the Paradise Lounge upstairs at Bernie's Bungalow on October 10th. 1920's/30's costume is required! We'll have live entertainment, an ol' timey photo booth, silent movies and lots of music from the era and inspired by the era. As well as a specialized drink menu.

In preparation for this, I knew I had to start working on my finger wave, pin curl skills. This was my first attempt! I finger waved the front of my hair on both sides, and then made pin curls with the rest of my hair sleeping in clips and pins over night (ouch!). I took the pin curls and pinned them back in a loose faux bob in morning.
Hopefully, I'll get better at this in the weeks to come. Thank god for Vegan Styling Gel, or there's no way I could pull it off!

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