Friday, July 10, 2009

Photo Shoot Worries

This is my very stressed forced smile face. Last night we had a photo shoot scheduled.... the original photographer didn't show up. I was stressed and pissy and worried. Amy took a picture of my worried face.

What's the saying? 'All dressed up and no one to shoot?'

Thankfully, couple Loren and Beth who are magnificent photographers, came to our aid at the last minute and gave us a fabulous photo shoot! I am so grateful to them as professionals and friends!

Results coming soon!


  1. By the way, check out my new necklace. It's jade and blue and green sea glass! I love it! Sea glass is my new favorite material, it's allergen free! (wink)

  2. Beautiful! We really need to schedule a photo shoot. I feel, though, that I'll need some serious work with my hair and make up (it doesn't feel like it's quite, up, THERE yet.)